The LE SideTracked GeoCoins

The SideTracked Limited Edition GeoCoin was launched in October 2008. It comes in two metals, Gold ("Champion") of which only XX were produced and an Extra Limited Edition version of which only 20 were produced, in Copper

These geocoins are not available to the general public,
or are they for sale. This page is for information only.

Like our regular Supporter and Hider GeoCoins, the Limited Edition GeoCoins are 41mm x 25mm x 3mm - just the right size to fit in a typical SideTracked film canister, should a lucky owner wish to release them to the wild!

The Limited Edition Coins depicts the SideTracked logo with a fully-shaped track and sleepers, making the coin very tactile. The track and script are finished in hard enamel.

The area between the sleepers is recessed, with the metal finish showing and a gravel texture applied.

The reverse of the coin depicts an old-fashioned train ticket on enamelled tracks. The ticket bears a textured finish on plain metal, with raised smooth lozenges.

The Gold one (Limited Edition)

LE GeoCoin

The Copper one (Extra Limited Edition)

XLE GeoCoin